Sinead O’Connor has stunned fans yet again – after cancelling her upcoming tour and quitting showbiz for good.

The Dublin singer says she is out of the music business ‘forever’ and just wants a normal job. But she does plan to honour one New York date this summer.

The mother-of-four says her bi-polar condition makes it impossible to tour the world anymore.
O’Connor said:  “There is too much falseness and s**** about showbusiness. All bad triggers for a woman with a mental illness.”

She made the latest announcement ahead of a gig in Germany on Sunday night.

The 45-year-old tweeted: “Ok. Am going home and cancelling touring for the year.

“Doc had asked me not to tour but I thought was stronger than am.

“Didn’t wanna let anyone down as tour had already been booked to coincide with album release.

 “Fact is I did have a v serious breakdown between dec and march and well . . am just not recovered enough to be on tour.”

Recently split again from her fourth husband Barry Herridge, O’Connor was due to play 14 upcoming dates in Italy, Canada and the USA.

After calling off her Munich show she tweeted: “Am v sorry to let anyone down.

“But that’s life with a mental illness. Pls tweet so Munich fans won’t waste time turning up.”


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The Irish Sun reports that O’Connor’s official website also confirmed the end of the tour ‘with enormous regret’.
She wrote: “While touring will be cancelled I do hope and plan to appear at the Curtis Mayfield tribute in The Lincoln Centre (in New York) in July.”

The singer also used her Twitter page to begin a search for a new non-showbiz related job.

 She asked: “Any1 have a job 4 v clever woman with massive heart and courage, who adores people And has to escape music bizniz as is v bad for her?

“Must be Dublin or Wicklow based job and require love of people. NOT showbiz job.

“Too many power games behind ur back. And manipulations of one attempted.

“The singing part was fun though. But that’s only like 4% of one’s time . . The rest? Meh.

“This is the happiest day of my life. No more s****. Ever.”

Sinead O'Connor is quitting showbiz - wants to get a "normal job"Google Images