The highly anticipated “Tron 3” trailer has been released. The clip is split into three scenes and bridges the gap between the original  “Tron” movie and last years “Tron Legacy”.

The first scene is between Bruce Boxleitner as Alan Bradley, and Dan Shor reprising his role from the original 1982 Tron. Apparently Shor’s character ran the “Flynn Lives” campaign and is attempting to destroy data and files when Alan finds him.

Another scene features Irish-American actress Olivia Wilde as Quorra.  She rides up to ENCOM on Sam’s Ducati and causes a stir when she reveals to the swarming press that she spoke to Kevin Flynn just 24 hours ago.

The third scene presents text on screens. Edward Dillinger (played by Cillian Murphy in Tron: Legacy) and father Ed Dillinger (played by David Warner in the original Tron) discuss how everything is coming together as they planned.