As the “Dancing with the Stars” competitors gear up for Monday’s quick step, Team Nancy and Tristan, CNN’s Nancy Grace and Irish dancer Tristan MacManus, released a video thanking their fans for their support during the first week of competition.

Although the pair seemed comfortably lying on a lawn during the video together you get the sense that Grace just can’t seem to keep her claws in and constantly mocks MacManus’s accent. You have to wonder if this is going to get old as the competition goes on.

MacManus thanked all their fans on Facebook and Twitter saying “we really really appreciate your support and hopefully we’ll be sticking around for another little while.”

Then Grace chimed in saying “When he says “Twita” I think he’s saying Twitter, Twit-er”, correcting his pronunciation.



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However an emotional Grace did give a heartfelt thanks to her fans along with praise for her dance partner. She said “He performed the routine flawlessly. I made a boo-boo which the judges were only too happy to point out.

"If it had not been for your support and your votes I wouldn’t have made it so thank you everybody on Facebook and Twitter and I promise not to let you down on Monday with the quick step.”

The mocking of MacManus’ accent appears to be an ongoing trend with Nancy. Last week before the competition started the pair released a short video.

Grace revealed her secret weapon for long days during training. She revealed that she’s been taking a leaf out of the Irish nation’s book in drinking hot tea. However she couldn’t seem to resist mocking MacManus’ Irish accent.

She mocked him saying “For days I heard that ‘Oh when back in Ireland we brewed the tea for five hours and then we sit around and we talk”. Her Irish accent was really laughable and MacManus couldn’t help adding “this also happens in Indian and Russia apparently”.

Grace revealed that she has brought in some tea to loosen MacManus up so he won’t be as mean first thing in the morning. According to Grace “so far it has not worked.”

It seems that MacManus is able to have a send of humor about the constant ragging but for how long? If there's one thing Grace is sure to learn is don't get between an Irish person and their daily tea consumption.

On Monday the pair will be back in to competition on “DWTS” performing the quick step.