Can a pumped up and intense action trailer do anything other than convince you that the film its announcing is going to - well - not be terribly good?

When Liam Neeson and film director Joe Carnahan last got together they came up with The A-Team, which isn't on anyone's list as film of the decade, frankly.

But now the teaser trailer for the latest Carnahan-Neeson effort has dropped and it looks - all right.

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The Grey sees Neeson playing Ottway, a member of an oil drilling team and survivor of a plane crash in the Alaskan wilderness. Grouping up with other survivors who must work to survive as a pack of wolves - seeing them as intruders into their territory - begin picking them off one by one.

Now what's that if not setting the stage for a robust demonstration of man versus nature machismo? Don't you just know there's going to be that one nerdy guy with wire rimmed glasses who wants to coexist in harmony with his fanged tormentors, don't you? He'll probably be first on the menu.

Or maybe I'm just a cynic. You'll have a chance to judge for yourselves when its scheduled to hit theaters on January 27, 2012 (the traditional month for Hollywood to drop turkeys).