The trailer of 'Killing Bono,' staring Ben Barnes and Robert Sheehan and directed by Nick Hamm, has been released.  The movie tells the true story of music critic Neil McCormick’s youth as he fails to make it as a rock star and ended up deeply jealous of Bono, his contemporary.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, McCormick explained how strange it was that his failure to achieve something had ended up being made into a biopic.
He said "Most people deemed worthy of the biopic treatment have actually done something memorable, even historical, warriors, sports legends, entertainment superstars, great peace activists.”

However, he points out “All I did was royally screw things up for myself, while my school friends in U2 went on to achieve everything I ever wanted. But actually more people have the experience of failure than success, so there is a kind of everyman quality to a loser’s story, which is what drives the film.”

Neil had written his book “Killing Bono: I Was Bono's Doppelganger” and after six years the movie came into production. However, Neil decided to sit back and let the professionals take over.

He said, “Dick Clement and Ian LaFrenais wrote the script, and I think they know what they are doing."

Also he heard little from the director about the movie. Neil commented, “I usually only heard from him when he wanted to complain about something.

“The problem with your life,” he once told me, “Is that it doesn’t have a third act. But don’t worry – we’re going to give you one.”

The movie is set to be released in April  2011.