The final film starring tragic Natasha Richardson has gone straight to DVD.

The tween comedy, "Wild Child," featured Richardson as the headmistress of an English boarding school and Emma Roberts as a spoiled American student whose father, Aidan Quinn, dumps Roberts at Richardson's school.

The film opened to brutal reviews in England in September last year and will now not get a theater release.

In its review, Time Out London said "the script offers few gags beyond fart jokes and the basest of cultural-clash observations."

The straight-to-DVD strategy means that there will be no silver screen send-off for Richardson who died suddenly in March.

Fans are divided on the decision with some saying they would love to see the actress's final performance and some saying she should be remembered for her better films.

Richardson, who was married to Irish actor Liam Neeson, died in March after a freak skiing accident in Canada.