U2 Bono and The Edge are two men of many talents!

The Irish rock stars - currently clawing their way round the world with the 360 Tour - are the brains behind the new Spider-Man musical set to light up Broadway next year.

Bono and the Edge penned the music and lyrics for the musical, which will star Evan Rachel Wood as Mary Jane Watson and Alan Cumming as the Green Goblin.

And not only did the boys get the words and music together, but Bono also came up with the title "Turn off the Dark."

The title was inspired by a story Bono heard of a child who would ask his father to "Turn off the dark," instead of "Turn on the light."

The Edge says he was drawn to the material because super heroes and rock stars come from the same place.

"Every rock & roll star probably started out as the geek who got bullied on in school, and eventually their form of revenge was to write songs or learn to play guitar,” he says.

"In many ways the audience for a rock and roll band, and the audience for comic books are the same," says the Edge. "It's kids, like ourselves, 15 or 16, like ourselves, out in the suburbs, in our case Dublin city, but it could be any city in America or in Europe.

"It seems, at that moment in your life, that there is this world out there that you can't get access to and the only way you can connect to that is though music or comic books or movies."

Roll on the previews in February 2010!!