At just 17-years-old, Colin Farrell took his first acting class in Dublin. Now 35, the man has starred in countless films in Hollywood and has recently reignited his love for his career.

He said that in the past six years he has “reconnected with the mystery and the imagination of the whole thing and how much fun it is to be an actor," reported the Herald.

In recent years, Colin ditched the leading man roles and appeared in a few films like "Horrible Bosses" as a supporting actor,  and that has helped him reconnect with the 17-year-old Colin.

“It's a lot of fun to do what we do," he said in regards to being an actor. “It's such a fortunate place to find yourself."

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Colin said that in relation to other actors in Hollywood he came to success quicker than most, “The idea of how fast the chaos around me took grip, it’s insane.”

It was at that moment that Colin feels like he lost sight of why he had attended his first acting class in his native Ireland and he blames to his good fortune in Hollywood for causing him to forget his initial passion.

Colin is back and stronger than ever in Hollywood with roles in reboots vampire horror classic “Fright Night” that is due out August 19, and 1990s “Total Recall,” set to open next summer.