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From his many talents, to his background we have dug up some interesting info on Robert Pattinson. Here are some facts about our favorite “Twilight” star. 

1.    His middle name is Thomas.

2.    He has two older sisters named Lizzie and Victoria.

3.    His biggest influence is Jack Nicholson.

4.    His employed a personal trainer after he was told he had a body like a sissy.

5.    In 2005 he was named the British star of tomorrow by Times online.

6.    In 2010 he was named in “Time” magazine’s Most Influential People in the World.
7.    He is currently the highest paid U.K. actor in the U.S.

8.    His father imported vintage cars for a living.

9.    One of his first modeling jobs was for the upmarket clothing company Hacketts’s in London in 2007.

10.    His friends call him Rob.

11.    He beat off thousands of actors to play Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” saga.

12.    He says the moving to a mixed school at age 12 was a big turning point for him.

13.    Has played the piano since he was 3-years-old.

14.    In 2010 he was award the “Hollywood's Most Influential Top Unexpected Musicians” award.
15.    When he was 14 he fronted a rap trio.

16.    Before filming his first “Twilight” film he spent two months in Organ (where it was filmed) preparing on his own.

17.    He has sensitive eyes so putting contacts in every scene on the “Twilight” set took almost twenty minutes.

18.    He would love to collaborate with Van Morrison.

19.    His first role was a Cuban dancer in the musical “Guy and Dolls.”

20.    He has been friends with his two oldest friends since he was 12.