Happy Thanksgiving! It’s the time to reflect on all of the fortunate accomplishments we’ve made this past year.

A time to thank all of those important in our lives. A time to imagine life without all of the glorious necessities we have at our fingertips.

What would Irish dancing be without all of the minor details? In light of the very special holiday, we’ve decided to compile a list of the top ten biggest things every Irish dancer should be thankful for.

1. Sock glue. Without it, well, our socks would never stay put.

2. Duct tape. It helps us perform a perfect, slip-free set.

3. Wigs. Imagine sleeping in painful rollers overnight to get the tight curls. Yep, that used to happen.

4. Self-tanner. Pasty legs don’t work for Irish dancers. It’s as simple as that.

5. Water…and lots of it.

6. Dress makers. They’re the reason competition and shows are that more glamorous.

7. ADCRGs and musicians. Because you couldn’t have a competition without them.

8. Dedicated TCRGs. They spend hours upon hours each week yelling, comforting and pushing us to succeed.

9. Feis Moms and Dads. They drive us to class and feiseanna. They’re our No. 1 fans. The list can go on.

10. Our Irish heritage. Without it, Irish dancing wouldn’t exist.

What are you most thankful for in Irish dance? Keep the thread going in the comments below.

Originally published in 2011.