1. Daniel Day Lewis: Brilliant portrayal of Lincoln will bring America’s greatest president to life for future generations

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2. Liam Neeson: Proving at 60 he can still be an action star gives hope to all the old fogies out there.

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3. Rex Ryan: So big, fat and out of control it is like looking at a car crash every week, but we can’t stop watching.

4. Brian Kelly: For putting the fight back in the Fighting Irish and making them the greatest team in college football once again.

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5. Maureen Dowd: For the most acerbic pen in journalism and also the most talented. 

6. Joe Biden: Only because Saturday Night Live would not be half as good without him.

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7. Jean Kennedy Smith: Last of the Kennedys, a living legend, and still a major presence in her  grand nephew’s campaign for Congress. Think of all that political knowledge.

8. Cardinal Timothy Dolan: Has that Irish humor and good grace that makes him perfect for larger than life New York.

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9. Bill O’Reilly: Because he doesn’t take it all quite as seriously as he appears to.

10. Bill Maher: Because he’s the funniest and sharpest guy on TV.

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