1. He spends a fortune on his locks

When asked by MTV recently what grooming products he uses for his hair, the star said “I use dog shampoo!”. Despite fans been loving his sultry locks it seems Pattinson is not that fussed by his brunette hair. He once told MTV “I don't know. I don't really see the point in washing your hair."

2. Robert Pattinson is related to the Royals

He once joked he was related to the Britain’s Royal family.

“I don’t think I’ve ever met them (the royals). I used to tell people when I came to the States that I did. They believed me! Five or six years ago when I first used to come to Los Angeles there weren’t many English people, now there are like a million and people still believe me.” he said in conversation Jimmy Kimmel.

3. He wants to be a rock star

Despite being a very talented musician, it seems Pattinson is content pursuing his acting career for now.  When asked about the possibility of releasing some of his tracks he said he wasn’t interested.

He told Pop Sugar: “I wrote those songs a year ago with a friend of mine. Back than I was considering to give up on acting and work as a musician but then the Dali film came and then Twilight shortly after and Twilight has become so huge. So I think I'm gonna give up on my childhood dream of being a musician and just continue acting for now.”

4. He sticks to a healthy diet

Speaking to the Daily Star, the London born actor admitted he has a sweet tooth.

He said: "I'm a compulsive eater. I'm going to be so fat when I'm older. It's ridiculous."

5.  He watches all of his performances

When asked if he has seen himself literally dazzling in his “Twilight” scenes, the star told the LA Times, he never likes to watch himself in films once they are released.

“I don’t watch my stuff. Ever,” he said.

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6. He was a Twilight fan before he auditioned.

Despite the huge Twilight following prior to the movies, Pattinson admitted that before his audition for the lead role of Edward Cullen, he knew very little about the vampire saga.

“I knew a bit about it. I didn’t know much about the book. I went into it thinking it was a vampire film directed by Catherine Hardwicke, who does like gritty sort of realistic indie films,” he told the LA Times.

7. He cannot drive.

Like most A-list actors in Hollywood, Pattinson needs a car to get around tinsel town. The actor's Dad worked as a vintage car sales man, which has give the actor an appreciation for oldschool cars. In conversation he told the LA Times about his dream car, which he can definitely afford by now.

“I’d like to have a vintage Porsche or the '70s Ferraris are beautiful as well,” he said.

8. He is fluent in French.

Despite studying French in high school, the actor told Vanity Fair he is far from fluent.
“I speak French, sort of. At, like, a three-year-old’s standard,” he said.

9. He studied at Oxford and attaned RADA.

Despite having never attended Oxford’s prestigious Royal Academy of Dramtic Art (RADA), the star told Britain’s Daily Mirror that on occasion he had pretended that he was an Oxford alum in the hopes it would land him a job.

“I'd been unemployed for ages, and when I came to Los Angeles all the casting directors would ask what I'd been doing for the past few years. I'd say, 'Oh, I was at RADA' - if you've got an English accent you can get away with it. I'd say I went to Oxford, too.

10. Twilight fans are obsessed with Robert Pattinson.

When the West Londoner was first cast in the role of Edward Cullen in the Stephanie Meyers books, the star admits many fans at the time thought he was a terrible choice.

“People sent me hate mail and the internet was full of messages from Twilight fans who didn’t want me. But then the trailer came out and everything turned around. I started getting love letters and fan mail instead of hate mail,” he told the Daily Mirror.


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