Ireland has produced some of the best rock artists of all time. Here we have compiled our ten favorite Irish rock anthems.

The variety, talent and legacy of each of these performers lives on and continues to influence fans and artists across the globe. In no particular order, the talent of our indigenous rock stars:

1. “With or Without You” - U2

One of their most iconic tunes. It comes from their 1987 album Joshua Tree. In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine placed the single at number 131 on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

2. “Whiskey in the Jar” - Thin Lizzy

One of Ireland's biggest rock bands in the 1970s. After their chart debut with this song, the Dublin band appeared on Top of the Pops February 1973. .

3. “Linger” - The Cranberries

The Limerick band rose to prominence in the U.S. in the early nineties and continue to keep a loyal stateside fan base. In a documentary, lead vocalist Dolores O'Riordan, who tragically passed away this year, said the song was about her first kiss.

4. “I don't like Mondays” - The Boomtown Rats

A number one hit in 32 countries, frontman Bob Geldof was inspired to write the song when a Californian schoolgirl told police that she shot her principal because she didn’t like Mondays.

5. “Breakeven” - The Script

The Script have gone from strength to strength in recent years. The Dublin band's song ‘Breakeven’ has sold millions of downloads in the US alone.

6. “Chasing Cars” - Snow Patrol

The second song from their fourth album, it is one of the band's most well-known and has enjoyed millions of downloads in the U.S. alone. Virgin Radio listeners voted the song as “Best Song of All Time.”

7. “Revelate” - The Frames

The band was founded in 1990 by Glen Hansard. Led by the Swell Season star, the band had great success with this 1995 single.

8. “Days Like This” - Van Morrison

This song was in the Northern Irish singing/songwriting legend's 23rd album. It went on to become the official anthem of the peace process in Northern Ireland. It was also featured on the soundtrack of the film “As Good as it Gets.”

9. “Dearg Doom” - The Horslips

The Horslips are considered one of the leading Irish Celtic rock bands of the 1970s. Released in 1973, this song continues to be one of the most iconic tracks of the rock era, having one of the greatest riffs of rock and roll.

10. “A Million Miles Away” - Rory Gallagher

Saving the best until last! This Donegal born, Cork raised man was a founding father of Irish blues rock music. This track was featured on the album “Tattoo.”

* Originally published in November 2012.