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Do want an Irish costume for Halloween but don’t want to recycle what you wore for St. Patrick’s Day?

Well, forget your old leprechaun hat, here are the top ten Irish costumes to give you some ideas. 

1. Bram Stoker’s Dracula

You can’t go wrong with the Irish original of the vampire craze. Dubliner Bram Stoker’s character has been a popular Halloween choice for ages. To get Dracula’s classic look, silk your hair down and wear a high collared cape. Grab a pair black slacks and a blazer and finish the look with some fake fangs.

2. One Direction

Grab four of your best friends and dress up as the members of the award winning pop band. Pop your collar and wear a pair of skinny jeans and trainers. Add an infinity scarf and occasionally break out into the chorus of their hit song “What Makes You Beautiful.”

3. Rory McIlroy

The pro golfer’s look is easy to achieve. Wear a polo, white baseball cap, and have a golf club. McIlroy, who is from Northern Ireland, will play for Britain in the next Olympics - pin an British flag lapel to your polo.

Read more on our featured Halloween page - everything from history, recipes, costume ideas and ghoulish tales

4. “The Quiet Man”

This iconic film makes a great costume for couples. Girls, find a red wig or some temporary dye to channel your inner Maureen O’Hara. Pair a pastel blouse with a knee length full skirt and a pair of kitten heels.

Guys, wear a tweed cap and vest. Finish the look with a blazer or trench coat. Refuse to fight everyone.

5. Olivia Wilde

Copy the Irish American actress’ look from the hit movie ‘Tron,’ wear a pair of black skinny jeans and tall boots. Use fabric paint to add details to a black tank top. Layer on some mascara and black eyeliner and wear a short black bobbed wig or use some temporary hair dye. 

6. Damien McGinty

The Northern Irish actor’s laid back style on the hit show Glee isn’t hard to replicate. Wear a green button down shirt and roll up the sleeves to your elbows. Form the iconic ‘L’ on your forehead and have a couple notes of his character, Rory Flanagan’s song, “Beyond the Sea” ready.

7. Rooney Mara

To get the look of the girl with the dragon tattoo, grease your hair till it stands upright along a center part and layer on plenty of black eyeshadow and mascara.  Pair a leather coat with a gray tee shirt and some black skinny jeans and boots.

8 Bath Salt Zombie

Here’s a twist on the old zombie favorite. Over the summer a string of attacks, including one man trying to eat another man’s face in Florida, were linked to people allegedly high on bath salts. The media labeled the odd attacks the “Zombie Apocalypse.” To get this look, carry some bath salts and growl at other party guests.

9. Banshee

The banshee is one of the best known figures from Irish folklore. Many people know the wailing ghost from ‘Darby O’Gill and the Little People,’ which is a great film to watch for Halloween. The banshee would scream three times before somebody died. To look like a banshee, dress in white and gray to get a ghostly appearance. Wear a long, loose fitting dress and leave your hair down and mess it up a bit. Occasionally wail throughout the party.

10. Liam Neeson

To copy the ‘Taken’ actor’s look, wear an earth tone button down shirt open at the collar with a brown or olive drab coat and a pair of jeans, wrinkles encouraged. Don’t shave for a couple days and mess up your hair a bit.

Forget Robert Pattinson in "Twilight" go vintage Dracula a la the classic Bela Lugosi actGoogle images