There are just a few weeks left to fill in your stash of Christmas gifts and cross off those names that been lingering on your list. This year's top-rated, best-selling gifts are for the 36 million Americans who celebrate their heritage on St. Paddy's Day, the people who prefer green beer, the ones who live for corned beef and the true believers who say that Irish gifts should actually come from Ireland. These hand-picked items from Shamrock Gift, America's favorite Irish gift shop, represent the best of Ireland. Alas, there are still no bagpipes, but we think you'll enjoy any or all of these timeless gifts nonetheless.

A heavyweight Irish Aran sweater just for men

All Irish ladies know that it's difficult to shop for men. Finally, there's a gift that will warm his heart and doesn't require safety goggles.

This classic Aran sweater is made from smooth worsted wool that comes straight from Ireland. The premium wool, extra-thick yarn and special honeycomb pattern add to the warmth and coziness of this stylish sweater. Plus, all of you ladies will appreciate that it can be machine washed for easy care and will still look great for years to come.

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Ladies' roll-neck Irish wool sweater

Imported straight from Ireland, this posh Carraig Donn cardigan features a gorgeous cable pattern and an ultra-soft, super-warm roll neck. Established in the 1960s, Carraig Donn is Ireland's premier fashion retailer. This storied name represents style and quality. The patterns are inspired by Ireland's rich history, and all of the materials are still crafted in the motherland today. This is truly the perfect gift for any Celtic-chic girl on your list.

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Guinness football jersey

Back home, this would be a soccer jersey, but for once, we actually mean football when we say it. Modeled after the traditional garb seen on every gridiron from Dublin, Ohio, to Killarney, Florida, this Guinness-branded jersey is a super holiday gift and the ultimate game-day accessory.

You can expect the same great Guinness quality in the high-performance moisture-wicking material and crisp screen-printed numbers that honor the brand's founding in 1759. It even has the brand's classic black and cream trade dress. We recommend this popular gift fully, but we aren't responsible for any Guinness cravings or late-night trips to the beer store. You can blame Guinness for those!

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Ladies hand knit Aran sweater

If you think Boston has bad weather, you've never been to Galway, home of the Aran Islands and the warmest sweaters on the Emerald Isle. Both the wool and the distinctive honeycomb cabling make this hand-knit Aran sweater perfect for all-weather use. The ridges of the cable motifs and the natural lanolin in the pure Irish Merino wool deflect rain, resist wind and help the wearer stay warm in the worst weather. After all, Aran sweaters were originally worn by sailors and fishermen off Ireland's western coast. This one's just superbly stylish.

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Irish breakfast for the whole family

Everyone knows that England is famous for its fine horses, and Ireland is known for its fine men. That's because they understand how to put together a great breakfast.

If you know someone who craves the taste of Ireland, this traditional breakfast basket is the gift to get. It includes all of the fixings needed to create the quintessential Irish breakfast. There are enough bacon rashers, bangers, breakfast puddings, soda bread and strong tea to serve four to six highly deserving family members. With brand names like Glen Ri, O'Hara's, Barry's and Irishgold, you know they're authentic. For Christmas delivery, order by December 22nd.

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An Irish baby blessing

There's no denying that the Irish have a way with words, especially when it comes to blessings, storytelling and poetic simplicity. If you're shopping for a wee lad or lass or parents who are expecting, look no further than this elegant Irish blessing. This decorative bronze plaque is engraved by a master sculptor and designer who specializes in Celtic knot work and ancient Irish crafts. This inscription offers blessings and protection day and night and is framed by ornate knot work bands. It's ready to hang in any baby's nursery.

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Silver claddagh ring

Every Irish girl should have a Claddagh ring. This symbolic design has been produced in the village of Claddagh since the 1600s. Each part of the iconic motif has a special meaning. The heart represents love. The hands symbolize friendship, and the crown represents loyalty. The words tied to these three symbols are carefully engraved inside the band. This high-quality silver ring is made in Ireland and certified by the Dublin Assay Office. Plus, it's available in eight sizes and comes in a decorative box that's designed for gifting.

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Leather and canvas messenger bag

Perfect for lads or lasses, this handcrafted messenger bag is made exclusively for the legendary fashion brand Carraig Donn, which is known for its quality goods and ageless sense of style. Olive-tone canvas and premium leather reinforcements give this long-wearing bag a distinctive look. It's just the right size for carrying a laptop, school books and all the things that the recipient will need for school or work.

From box sets of the hit comedy Hardy Bucks to handcrafted treasures, Shamrock Gift has all kinds of special items that make it easy to shop for everyone on your list. Santa is busy, but he still has time to wrap your gifts. From now through the holidays, free gift wrapping is available with all purchases. If you still can't decide what to get, Shamrock Gift has a shopping concierge team to help you select the ideal Irish gift.

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Merry Christmas!