The Death of an Irish Politician

By Bartholomew Gill

This is the first book in the widely acclaimed Peter McGarr series of the detective novels.

In Dublin’s Killiney Bay, an American is pulled out of the water, his head split open by a violent blow.

There are a number of pieces of the puzzle that detective Peter McGarr must piece together if he wants to solve this crime: a world-class sailor who ran both his boat and his life aground; the beautiful woman he lived off; and the politician who somehow entangled himself in a murder enquiry.  Add an IRA gunrunning plot into the mix, and things start to get a lot more complicated – and dangerous.

The Bold Thing: A Mystery

by Mark Daniel

Mickey Brennan starts off life in a privileged position, but finds himself as a lowly horse trainer at farm in rural Ireland. Just as Brennan wasted away his family’s fortune, so too does he squander away his life: a failed marriage, substance abuse and a prison term for vehicular manslaughter are all part of his dismal existence. Once out of prison, he tries selling animal feed supplements but his former friends don’t want to know him.

An American woman now owns the old Brennan estate; she gives him a job working with her horses. But when she is threatened by blackmailers, she is determined not to walk away – and in doing so, she offers Brennan a chance to redeem himself. 

A Stone of the Heart

By John Brady

This is first book in the Inspector Matt Minogue series, and offers a compelling insight into the Troubles. When the body of Jarlath Walsh is discovered on the grounds of Dublin's Trinity College with the head beaten in, Sergeant Matt Minogue suspects that it wasn't a random killing. Walsh was an idealist, but someone wants the detective to believe the young man was a drug-pusher. In a fateful clash near the Northern Ireland border, Inspector Minogue discovers the truth.

Great Irish Detective Stories

by Peter Haining (Editor)

That the Irish have a flair for storytelling is widely known. But that Ireland has produced an abundance of crime and detective fiction since the genre began over 50 years ago may come as a surprise to many.

Profiling Ireland's contribution to the literature of mystery and mayhem, “Great Irish Detective Stories” serves up 26 tales from many of Ireland's leading writers -- with several contributions from writers not normally associated with detective fiction, including Liam O'Flaherty, James Joyce, Sean O'Faolain, Flann O'Brien, William Trevor, and Brendan Behan.

Murder Most Celtic : Tall Tales of Irish Mayhem

by Martin Harry Greenberg (Editor)

The addition to the Murder Most series is edited by Martin H. Greenberg, co-editor of the American Ghosts series and innumerable other anthologies. The sixteen stories of Irish crime and mystery in this volume tell of good and bad men and women--heroes and villains both. All feature characters for whom being Irish is more than just a state of mind--it's a way of life. P.M. Carlson's story concerns Irish immigrants and actors in 19th-century New York; Robert J. Randisi tells of erotic dancing and a St. Patrick's Day murder, New Orleans-style.