The film adaption of “Round Ireland with a Fridge” will have its U.S. premiere at the American Hotel in Freehold Borough, New Jersey on March 11.

The film will be screened at the American Hotel alongside a selection of Irish shorts provided by the Irish Film Institute, Reel Ireland an Culture Ireland.

John Newman, borough councilman, read “Round Ireland With a Fridge” by Tony Hawks in 2009 after returning from a trip to Ireland.

After a night of drinking, Hawks (played by the author) accepts a bet that he can’t hitch-hike the perimeter of Ireland with a refrigerator.

During the course of a month, Hawks has one of the most unforgettable experiences of his life. This new comedy road movie proves that, no matter how gloomy things seem, when one opens the fridge door a little light comes on.

Speaking about the delight of having the film broadcast in Freehold, Arts Council member Joe Barris said, “This is really a big deal, to have a first screening of a foreign film right here in Freehold Borough.”

“This will hopefully bring positive attention to the arts council, which we want to become a destination for cultural arts. We want to get people from all ethnicities to converge and meet in one place to work for the betterment of the arts in the community for everyone.”

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