Guinness is celebrating its 250th birthday this year, and what better way to celebrate than to have the wonderfully cheesy, still going strong crooner Tom Jones belt out a few of his classics?

One of the events that the brewery has lined up involves Jones heading to Dublin on September 24 for a couple of shows, one of which will be at a pub that is still unknown, where he’ll sing and dance and swivel for a half-hour. And the Welsh crooner, still fab at 69, can’t wait.

“Sometimes, to be musically stripped down like that is really good,” Jones told the Irish Times about the Irish gig. “Some people are scared of it. They can’t perform unless they have a full-blown sound system, musicians and all the business – they get thrown. If you love to sing, or perform, sometimes it’s good to go into areas like that.

“And to be asked to sing in a Dublin pub on Arthur’s Day is great. I’m Welsh and it’s a Dublin pub - it’s a perfect fit. And I enjoy a pint of Guinness myself, although I hope I don’t consume too much of it before I sing!” 

Women still swoon - though we’re not sure if they still fling their undies - when Jones hits the stage, so the Guinness-fueled show should be a memorable one.