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Iran suing Hollywood over Ben Affleck’s Oscar winning 'Argo' – VIDEO

Iranian authorizes are planning to sue Hollywood over the allegedly "unrealistic portrayal" of the country in the Oscar-winning movie ‘Argo’...READ MORE


Olivia Wilde wants to host 'Saturday Night Live' - says she's a big fan

The 29-year-old actress would like to follow in the footsteps of her fellow Hollywood stars including Emma Stone and Justin Timberlake and be invited to front the popular sketch show...READ MORE


Why 'Danny Boy' song ban should be imposed on St. Patrick's Day - VIDEOS

I'm sorry to see that 'Danny Boy' has been allowed back into the only Irish bar in the world where we were safe from hearing it sung by drunks...READ MORE


Stephen Baldwin is set to agree a deal over an alleged unpaid $350,000 tax bill

The 46-year-old actor is accused of failing to pay income tax in Rockland County, 15 miles northwest of Manhattan,  for the years 2008,  2009 and 2010 but his attorney Russell Yankwitt says he will avoid prison and get up to five years to pay back the money owed...READ MORE


The best and worst Irish jokes for St. Patrick's Day guaranteed to make you laugh

The Irish sense of humor and wit is renowned around the world and here's our pick of the best, or maybe worst depending on how you look at it, of Irish jokes for this St. Patrick's Day...READ MORE


Ben Affleck star and director of "Argo"