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‘Oblivion’ star Tom Cruise says Katie Holmes divorce came as a surprise

Almost one year since his divorce from Katie Holmes made headlines, Tom Cruise has revealed it came as a complete shock to him...READ MORE


Meryl Streep has hailed Baroness Margaret Thatcher as a “pioneer” - VIDEO

The former British Prime Minister died at home from a stroke on Monday, aged 87 and Meryl – who memorably played her in the 2011 biopic 'The Iron Lady' paid tribute to the late politician for working her way to the top against the odds...READ MORE


Author Tim Pat Coogan to lecture at Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum at Quinnipiac

Tim Pat Coogan, the Irish historical writer and author of “The Famine Plot,” will lecture and sign books at Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum at Quinnipiac University...READ MORE


Colin Farrell back on Irish soil to film 'Miss Julie' with Jessica Chastain

Colin Farrell and Oscar-nominated actress Jessica Chastain are set to film ‘Miss Julie,’ a film adapted from a once banned story of a romantic relationship between an Anglo-Irish aristocrat’s daughter and her father’s valet...READ MORE


The woman accused of stalking Alec Baldwin has rejected a plea deal

Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin – who was first arrested in April 2012 for for allegedly following the '30 Rock' star and bombarding him with emails  - turned down a deal which would have guaranteed her no jail time and no criminal record, calling it “insulting”...READ MORE


Tom Cruise to head to Dublin to promote his new movie 'Oblivion'Universal