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Ten surprising facts about the pious nation of Ireland and sex

What is it about the Irish and sex? Pre-Christian Irish attitudes to sex were decidedly more liberal than in recent times, where Cupid was saddled with a chastity belt by an outwardly pious nation. But have times changed? You be the judge...READ MORE


“Harry Potter’s” Daniel Radcliffe stars in Martin McDonagh’s play “The Cripple of Inishmaan”

Daniel Radcliffe is still climbing out from the shadow cast by Hogwarts, the famous school of wizardry in the Harry Potter film series, and this time he's chosen a role that reflects his own Irish ancestry...READ MORE


Ten famous movies banned in Ireland - from devil worshippers to too much sex

Ireland had a long history of banning  films, but even some in recent time caught the  attention of the censor...READ MORE


Right-wing Alex Jones wants to duke it out with Bill O’Reilly on TV - VIDEO

Alex Jones, the right wing conspiracy theorist and believer in the global cabal of shadowy puppet masters who secretly run the world, has a beef with Bill O'Reilly the pugnacious Irish American pundit who just blasted him for his 'hate speech.'..READ MORE


One Direction's Harry Styles "couldn't stop smiling" as the best man at his mother's wedding

Anne Cox married Robin Twist this weekend and the One Direction heart throb barely "left" his mother's side at the ceremony in Cheshire, England...READ MORE


The the swinging Pre-Christian time to the heinous restrictive more modern times, ten facts about the Irish and sex