Today's Irish Entertainment Roundup:

President Barack Obama plays Daniel Day Lewis in hilarious White House spoof - VIDEO

A spoof video of Obama playing Daniel Day Lewis in a Steven Spielberg film was part of the annual White House Correspondents Dinner...READ MORE


Seattle rap sensation Macklemore and Ryan Lewis announce a Dublin gig - VIDEOS

Proud Irish American Macklemore will not be keeping his Irish fans waiting. The “Can’t Hold Us” star has announced that he and Ryan Lewis will play the O2 Arena (The Point), in Dublin, on September 5, 2013...READ MORE

The 14-year-old reality TV star - who is rumoured to be dating Jaden Smith - loves Robert's character Edward Cullen from 'The Twilight Saga' and wishes the vampire was a real person...READ MORE
Actor Chris Evans and Minka Kelly are still going strong. They were recently spotted holding hands after going to Jessica Alba’s birthday party at the Bootsy Bellows Club in Los Angeles, California on April 27, 2013...READ MORE
Director Morgan Spurlock - who is helming the documentary 'This Is Us' about the British boy band - was keen to explore "why" certain people were so obsessed with the 'Little Things' hitmakers, and even interviewed medical experts for their opinions...READ MORE

President Barack Obama playing Daniel Day Lewis...playing Barack Obama, in Steven Spielberg spoof