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Ten signs that you’re Irish living in America (PHOTOS)

So you’re a strapping young Irish lad or lassie in America, or so you say. But have you retained the soul of the Gael?...READ MORE


New Guinness ad goes viral with 3.5 million views (VIDEO)

The new Guinness ad “Made of More,” called “breathtaking” by Huffington Post. already has 3.5 million views on YouTube despite the fact that it is not released officially until today…READ MORE


Brendan Behan and the New York struggles that made and broke him

Irish poet, playwright and patriot, when he was sober he was in the Dublin parlance a darlin' man. But chaos rocked his cradle – the year he was born in 1923 his father was a Republican prisoner and the country was waging war…READ MORE


Emma Donoghue’s award winning ‘Room’ to be made into movie

Some authors hope that their novels might get turned into movies. Emma Donoghue, author of the award-winning book “Room,” was so sure her work was screen ready that she started writing the screenplay before it was even published…READ MORE


Sir Elton John hopes One Direction's pay check matches their work ethic

The 'Rocket Man' hitmaker has defended the superstar boy band from their critics and insisted their vast wealth is justified by the effort they have put into their careers thus far…READ MORE