Today's top Irish entertainment stories:

Jimmy Fallon creates cameo-filled ‘Breaking Bad’ parody (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon is such a big fan of ‘Breaking Bad’ that he performed a 13-minute spin off of the AMC show featuring himself as a meth kingpin…READ MORE


TIFF reviews are in Michael Fassbender can order his Oscar tux

Looks like Michael Fassbender can order his Academy Awards tux nice and early. His upcoming film '12 Years a Slave', which premiered last weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival, is already racking up huge plaudits…READ MORE


Ruling the Internet, the most Irish cat in the world

It’s Friday and here in WorldIrish we found this wacky video featuring Milo the cat and well, lots of Irish stuff. Is this the most Irish cat you’ve ever seen?..READ MORE


‘Twilight’ star Kristen Stewart raised $500,000 for charity in 15 minutes

Movie producer Harvey Weinstein has claims he brokered the lucrative deal with an unnamed Middle Eastern Prince, who wanted to meet the 'Twilight Saga' star, 23, in order to raise money for the Hurricane Sandy relief fund last year…READ MORE


Review: The Brendan Behan we’ll never really know

Irish playwright Brendan Behan lived his life like it was a form of protest, because it often actually was. Born to a working class family in Dublin, his life could very easily have been as difficult and circumscribed as the one his father had led save for one saving factor that changed everything -- his genius….READ MORE