Today's top Irish entertainment stories:

Sinead O’Connor receives threats from Miley Cyrus fans after motherly letter

Sinead O’Connor has posted a second open letter to Miley Cyrus asking for an apology after “Wrecking Ball” singer’s fans urge the Irish star “to commit suicide.” …READ MORE


Jim Sheridan says Hollywood’s greed sees move to top-notch TV production

TV, really good TV, is taking the place of cinema when it comes to well written and well directed dramas, Irish filmmaker Jim Sheridan has claimed…READ MORE


Oscar-winning playwright John Shanley reconnects with his Irish roots

It seems a little early to be awarding John Patrick Shanley, 63, a Lifetime Achievement Award, because the markedly youthful looking writer is obviously at the height of his powers. But Shanley isn’t a bit fazed…READ MORE


'How I Live Now' director spills on Soairse Ronan’s boyfriend George McKay

Looks like Irish actress Saoirse Ronan, 19, has her first official boyfriend.  Kevin Macdonald, the director of her upcoming film How I Live Now, spilled the beans to the Irish Independent that Saoirse fell in love with her co-star George MacKay…READ MORE


Top ancient Irish Halloween traditions (PHOTOS)

The celebration of Halloween began in Ireland in about 1000 AD so its no wonder that there are so many Irish Halloween traditions that continue around the world every year…READ MORE


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