The top Irish entertainment stories today:

Bruce Springsteen’s ancestral home invites 'The Boss' home for The Gathering

The small town of Rathowen, County Westmeath, has invited one of their most famous sons, Bruce Springsteen, back home for The Gathering and to present him with his great-great grandmother’s birth certificate…READ MORE


Top ten greatest Irish ballads of all time

So what are the ten greatest Irish ballads? We could sit here and argue for months, and I would happily do but here is my selection. All these songs have touched my heart at one time or another. I hope they touch yours too…READ MORE


San Diego Comic-Con hosts stars Chris Evans, Hugh Jackman, Tom Cruise

Every year, Comic-Con is eagerly anticipated by TV, movie, and comic buffs around the globe. It draws huge crowds of excited fans, many of whom go the extra mile and come prepared in full costume to catch a glimpse of some of their favorite actors and superheroes…READ MORE


Bruce Springsteen dedicates 'American Skin’ to Trayvon Martin at Irish concert

Bruce Springsteen paid tribute to slain teen Trayvon Martin at his concert in Limerick on Tuesday night. The Irish American dedicated his song “American Skin (41 Shots)” to Martin, who was shot by George Zimmerman on Feb. 26, 2012, while walking home in Sanford, Florida...READ MORE


The magical sights and sounds of the Galway Arts Festival

When you bring up Galway in conversation with those who know the city, a smile, echoing warm memories, glides across their face. Galway, the City of Tribes, is a magical city at the best of times but its annual Arts Festival brings out something really special…READ MORE