Today's Irish entertainment roundup:

My heart, my My heart, my treasure, my love - the top ten Irish terms of affection

Like any other language, Irish has its own terms of endearment for friends and loved ones...READ MORE


"X-Men" star Ellen Page says Hugh Jackman's (aka Wolverine's) body is “ridiculous” in person

The 44-year-old actor has gotten in shape to reprise the role of Wolverine for 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' and his co-star Ellen Page has been impressed by his physique on set...READ MORE


Vince Vaughn movie “Art of Conflict: the Murals of Northern Ireland” to be released on Netflix

The “Art of Conflict: the Murals of Northern Ireland”, a documentary produced and narrated by Vince Vaughn will launch on Netflix on June 1...READ MORE


Top ten most surprising movies filmed in Ireland - PHOTOS

From John Wayne’s famous “The Quiet Man” to Roddy Doyle’s utterly irreplaceable “Commitments”, Ireland has a huge legacy in the film world...READ MORE


Ireland Baldwin introduced her boyfriend to her father “virtually” on Instagram and Twitter

The 17-year-old model has been dating stand-up paddle boarder Slater Trout since a friend put them in touch with each other via Instagram and Twitter last year and while Maui based Slater hasn't made it to New York to meet her father Alec...READ MORE


How Ireland's tradition of emigration to London took it's toll on this family