TLC is the latest to hop on the newly rejuvenated Irish dance craze with their new series ‘Irish Dancing Tweens.’ The new series will feature several dance schools, with each episode focusing on individual dancers during rehearsals, preparation, travel, and competitions.

‘Irish Dancing Tweens’ follows the success of the acclaimed film documentary ‘Jig’ that aired in special release over the summer. TLC has recently acquired the rights to air ‘Jig,’ the documentary that focused on dancers experiences with last year’s World Championships in Glasgow, but has not yet set an air-date for the film.

Amy Winter, General Manager of TLC, said to The Hollywood Reporter that “TLC is excited to share this subculture of dance with our audience. Irish jig dancing is a global phenomenon and the series will reveal the world behind the sport in a compelling combination of heart and competition.”

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However, the comments section of the article on THR has already exploded with criticism of the dance form being referred to erroneously as “Irish jig dancing” instead of “Irish dancing” or “Irish step dancing.” Jigs are only but one form of dance that competitive Irish step dancers are familiar with.

‘Irish Dancing Tweens’ will undoubtedly draw parallels to TLC’s other big hit “Toddler & Tiaras” on the basis of children in competition. Hopefully TLC will take the time to realize that Irish dance is much more than competition in that it fosters a unique type of community that welcomes most anyone.

The announcement of TLC’s new program comes at a high-point of competition in the year for the world of comeptitive Irish dancing, as several regions hold their Oireachtas around North America during November and early December.

Here’s the trailer for the feature length documentary ‘Jig’: