Vampire extraordinaire Edward Cullen may not have been that popular amongst his peers in "Twilight" but the guy who plays Cullen, Robert Pattinson is the very opposite.

In fact, he is so opposite that TIME magazine has taken a poll on the most influential leaders, artists, innovators and icons in the world this year and he is near topping it.

Robert Pattinson came rolling in alongside some of the greatest in the entertainment industry.

The list also included Jeff Bridges, who won an Oscar in March, Avatar director, James Cameron and singer Beyonce.

On RPatz, TIME says, "The Twilight saga has been a boon for the British heartthrob, who plays sparkly, sexy vampire Edward Cullen in the hit franchise. The third installment, Eclipse, comes out this summer, ensuring that Pattinson's face — however pale — will be omnipresent."

According to polling results, Robert received about 1,450 votes so far, placing him in second place.

What is the world coming to guys?