So you've heard of people being contrary? Well, you ain't seen nothing until you take a look at how Irish people speak. Talk about stretching the truth! Whatever an Irish person says you can almost always ... well at least 50 percent of the time ... take it that they mean the opposite of what they say!

From the well known "Sure we'll go for one drink" to the Irish people's inability to say yes to something straight off. If you don't believe me offer an Irish person a cup of tea and they'll most likely says "No thanks, I'm grand," but keep asking because deep down they really do want one.

Here's our pick of the top ten instances:

1. “We’ll go for one drink” ... Yeah right!

2. “I’ll be there in five minutes”... Try five hours.

3. “That looks GREAT on you”... It looks dreadful -- how could you?


4. “I’ll be grand on my own” ... You’re a proper $#@!  for leaving me.

5. “No, I won’t” … When asked do you want a cup of tea, when you’re actually gasping for a cup. 

6. “I’ll be back in a minute” ... Try two hours.

7. “Grand soft day again” ... Will it ever f****ng stop raining?

8. “I won’t tell a soul” ... Wait till the lads hear this!

9. “Ah, I can’t complain”... You bet I can!

10. “Is that the time?” ... Yes, and you knew it was the time.