Recently, Prince Harry was on a training expedition in Iceland with Wire star Dominic West as training for an upcoming polar charity trek "Walking With the Wounded."

The royal has been pictured in his preparations for the 208-mile journey across the Antarctic alongside the actor as they made their way across the Langjökull Glacier, the "Long Glacier", in Iceland at the end of July.

The Daily Mail reports that the English prince was joined by members of his South Pole team, Glenfiddich and West. The star of "The Wire" will head a rival Commonwealth team in the Walking With the Wounded charity event in November.

Conditions on the glacier were variable, "from slushy wet snow for the first coupe of days to stunning clear conditions with hard crispy snow underfoot for the final day."

Each night, the team encountered sleet that froze quickly to their goggles, making visibility difficult. While the wetness made it difficult to keep equipment dry, this should be an easier task in the South Pole, where it hasn't rained in 2 million years.

On the prince's team for the charity event is Duncan Slater, a double amputee below the knee, Ibrar Ali, an arm amputee, Kate Philp, who has had one leg amputated below the knee, and Guy Disney, also with one leg amputated below the knee. Most of these injuries came as a result of an IED explosion in warzones in the Middle East.

Dominic West will lead a a team of Commonwealth troops, while U.S. servicemen will make up a third team.

Prince Harry (r) and Dominic West (third in line) training for their Walking with the Wounded expeditionWalking With The Wounded