The Script returned home to Ireland having spent two years on road to find the country in a shambles. With the recession having a tight grip on their homeland they were inspired to get to work on their new album but this time taking a different tack.

Danny O’Donoghue, Glen Power and Mark Sheehan, who make up the internationally successful band the Script, are now ready to launch their second album “Science & Faith” in September.

They spoke about how Ireland inclement economic situation inspired their new album. Danny O’Donoghue said “People are getting stripped of everything, stripped of their jobs and their homes and their furniture, so its going to back to an old thing of drinking cheap bottles of wine, having dinner on the floor, and it’s like they are meeting each other for the first time.

"Its getting back to reality, you’re standing naked in front of this person.  That notion really resonated with us.  It set the tone for what we want to talk about, emotionally.
However the band’s view of their friend’s situations in Ireland wasn’t quite as romantic when he first returned to the Emerald Isle to start work on the album.

Glen Power said “We returned to Dublin after two years on the road so excited about what we'd been doing.

“But our country was facing the hardest times we've known.

“Our pals were back on the dole, had lost jobs and it hasn't been the time to celebrate. This album is inspired by that situation.”

Critics who have heard a leak of the new album say that the “unmistakable sonic thumbprint" of The Script is still there.