Irish rock up and comers The Script were once so strapped for cash they kept their groceries cooling in a bath full of stolen ice! The reason was simple as it was sad, because they couldn't afford to pay the electricity bill to run their refrigerator.

But now the Irish rockers are top of the album charts for the second time and the bucks are rolling in as their popularity continues to grow.

It's a long way from the days when singer Danny O'Donoghue was forced to steal four bags of ice from a petrol station with help from his band mate Mark Sheehan back in the days when they were humble music producers working in the U.S.

Danny said: "Sometimes we'd get work in January then there'd be nothing until March - so we were broke. Food was going off in the fridge as the electricity went so we had to rob the ice to keep our food chilled. Sometimes it was off for four or five days until we earned enough money to switch it back on."

But all those hard times are now paying off for the Dublin lads. Their latest album, Science & Faith, went straight to the top of the British charts last Sunday, repeating the success of their self-titled debut collection in August 2008.

The lads, who toured with U2 last year, are passionate about their music, which has also gone down a storm in America. Danny added: "Nowadays a lot of bands are image-based - being in a scene, dressing a certain way. Their music seems to be second to their perfume lines and what they are. That's not what music is about."

They reckon that being Irish keeps their feet on the ground too. Danny said: "If you're in a band with Irish people, the moment you get a big head they will get their pins out and go, pop, pop, pop."

"We're not doing this for fame and self-gratification,' he added. "We want to leave a legacy of songs, but also earn good money that will take care of our families."