Oh, the leprechauns would be a-turnin' in their graves if they had to forsake the color green, but the Randy Leprechaun pub and hostel in County Kerry has to do just that.

The Kerry County Council has ordered owner Cathal O’Connell to "unpaint the town green" by changing the color of his establishment and removing his paintings of the mythical little creatures.

The Council has argued that as the hostel is a listed landmark building, it must be painted in a way that is in keeping with the rest of the village.

But O’Connell says the last laugh will be his.

"I have been granted planning permission for a ten-bedroom B&B beside the existing pub, and I guarantee you when it is completed I'll order luminous paint from NASA so that my B&B, along with the Great Wall of China, are the only things seen from the moon," he says.

O’Connell has been running the pub and hostel since 2006, and his extravagant makeover led to a long feud with the Council. Unable to commit the time and finances to continue the legal battle to keep the hostel green, the owner has to take down the "randy" leprechaun murals and replace them with something less randy — and not green.