The three Irish-Catholic singing priests — known as, what else, The Priests — may have a best-selling classical debut album, but they don't plan any Easter holiday performances.

Just Easter holy day performances.

The Priests have a unique deal with their record label.  The trio can only be off from their "day' jobs" for no more than four working days each month.

That makes touring a bit difficult.

When The Priests got a $5.5M offer from the William Morris agency last September to tour the U.S., they had to turn it down.

"It just wouldn't be possible for us to up stakes and go off for three months -- certainly not then, whatever about the future," said Rev. David Delargy, one of The Priests.

They have shows scheduled for Glasgow, Manchester, Dublin, Belfast and London, from June 16-24. That may be one of their fans' few chances to see them - outside of church, of course.

On Good Friday, each of the three priests planned to be back in his respective parish in Ireland, leading church services through Easter Sunday.

The Priests say their parishioners are supportive of their music careers.

"I think they've been quietly delighted about the whole journey," said Rev. Eugene O'Hagan. "They're following it with great interest. A lot of young people as well are following it on YouTube, and going to the website, which is wonderful.

"This music, I think, appeals to a wide, wide range of people."