A prospective corporate client who wanted to book Susan Boyle for a  performance was told that for just three songs lasting about four minutes each, the total cost  would be an astounding £115,000 ($186,000).

That means Susan’s angelic singing voice is so in demand that the singer is charging over $14,000 per minute.

Clearly Susan’s wealth and star power is rising, and this only makes her a greater catch for some lucky man out there.

Not that Susan needs a man; the “Britain’s Got Talent” superstar is doing just fine on her own. But the Scottish singing sensation has famous said she’s never been kissed and admitted to being lonely at times. Plus, it might be nice for her to have someone else to talk to besides her cat Pebbles.

So we here at IrishCentral have set out on a mission to find the perfect mate for Susan Boyle.

Here are our finalists:

Gerard Butler

If Susan wants to remain on the radar in today’s celebrity-obsessed culture, she’s got to get her love life into the tabloids.

So who better than fellow Scot and hot bachelor Gerard Butler?

The “P.S. I Love You” actor’s love life is all over the tabs, from his dates with Jennifer Aniston to his possible make-out sessions with Cameron Diaz.

Some may say Susan does not have the looks of Jen and Cam, but she’s got far more talent, and she certainly has the sass to keep Butler interested.

Sean Connery

Another fellow Scot who might be more up Susan’s alley is Sean Connery.

As an older, more experienced man in the spotlight, he could guide Susan during journey through stardom.

An added bonus is that Connery, like Susan, has Irish roots. While Susan’s parents are from Donegal, Sean’s dad has roots in County Wexford.

Just think: the two could share stories of growing up in Scotland over a nice cup of Irish tea.

Granted, Connery’s married, but as stated, if Susan intends on upping her star power, she’s got to create some scandal beyond leaving behind Pebbles while on tour.

Piers Morgan

Piers is the obvious choice. The “Britain’s Got Talent” judge, who often took to his blog throughout the show’s run to defend and praise Susan, appeared on “Larry King Live” while Susan was being interviewed to ask her out on a dinner date.

Susan immediately accepted, and later gushed over Morgan, saying he has a “lovely baby face.”

"I never fancied anyone that much but now I want to go out with Piers,” she told Star magazine.

Go for it, Susan!

Simon Cowell

Though Susan’s obviously into Piers, she has also said she has a crush on Simon.

Normally it wouldn’t be advisable to fraternize with the boss – Cowell was both a judge on “Britain’s Got Talent” and is releasing Susan’s first record.

But the usually ill tempered music mogul has an obvious soft spot for Susan, and is constantly referring to her beautiful personality and voice.

Robert Pattinson

This pair up is IrishCentral’s ultimate dream team!

If Susan cares to indulge the cougar in her, she could always go for “Twilight” heartthrob Robert Pattinson.

Their two names top the headlines daily, so why not pair up in real life?

And now for the perfect match: Ronan Tynan

Yes, it’d be fun for Susan to dabble in the dating scene, smooching hunks like Gerard and Robert, pairing up with mentors like Sean and Simon, on going to dinner and a movie with Piers, but what Susan really needs is a man her age who can match her looks, talent and wits.

Tynan’s 49, Susan’s 48. He’s from Ireland, she’s from Scotland, but she has Irish roots. They may not be the best looking people in the world according to some standards, but they each have the voice of an angel.

From recording duets to traveling the world on tour together to quiet nights at home in Ireland and Sctoland, the Irish tenor and the Scottish singing sensation would make beautiful music together.

The tenor from Kilkenny has the added plus of being able to help Susan get more in touch with her Irish heritage.

And for us, that’s a winner.

Ronan Tynan and Susan Boyle: It’s a match made in heaven!