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Following a recent Irish Central article on our top choices for Irish mob movies, we asked our readers for their top choice. "The Departed," a Boston-based movie starring Jack Nicholson and Leonardo diCaprio, received a whopping 51 percent of our reader votes.

The results, calculated from the hundreds of votes cast, are as follows:

“The Departed” 51%
“Gangs of New York” 32%
"The Town" 8%
“Angels with Dirty Faces” 3%
“The Public Enemy” 3%

What is very surprising about these results in that "The Town,” directed by and starring Boston's own Ben Affleck, fared so badly with our readers. The movie was a big box office hit in 2010 when it was released and marked a return to force for Affleck.

The more historic movie "Gangs of New York" did reasonably well with 32 percent of the vote. The movie starring diCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis and Cameron Diaz was inspired by Herbert Ashbury's nonfiction of the same title.

However, it was the 2006 movie starring Matt Damon, diCaprio, Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen, Ray Winstone, Vera Farmiga and Alec Baldwin that won Irish Central's reader's hearts. "The Departed" tells the tale of the Damon and DiCaprio who come from different sides of the law and unknowingly go undercover within the Massachusetts State Police and the Irish mafia.

"Angels with Dirty Faces" and "Public Enemy" bombed out in our poll with just three percent each. It seems that the newer Irish mob movies have truly won Irish Central's readers over.

Read more: Irish Central's top ten Irish mob movies - SEE VIDEOS