According to YouTube 100 hours of new video is uploaded to the site every minute and approximately three quarters of the material comes from outside the United States. Curious about the Irish and YouTube we decided to see what searching for the word “Irish” would throw up.

The results are pretty strange. Good for the most part, but then there are those 17.5 million people who watched the first video on the list. Worrying.

1. “Annoying Orange - Luck o' the Irish”

Views: 17,535,945

“Orange finds a pot of gold and annoys the living crap out of a leprechaun.”

This one’s seriously strange…but popular apparently.

2. “Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - "Irish Celebration" (Official Music Video)”

Views: 14,969,276

Seattle star Macklemore celebrating his Irish roots. We knew we liked him for a reason.

3. “Drunken Sailer - Irish Rovers [sic]”

Views: 14,253,687

There are some seriously disturbing lyrics. Have a listen.

4. “"Hallelujah" by Rufus Wainwright (Irish performance)”

Views: 11,379,050

“Rufus gives a live performance of "Hallelujah" for an Irish program.”

That program was RTE’s “Other Voices” filmed in Dingle, Co Kerry.

5. “21 Accents”

Views: 9,837,931.

We’re not really sure what to think of this girl’s Irish accents. What do you make of it?

“Accents: Standard British, Cockney, British RP, Irish, Northern Irish, Scottish, Italian, German, Czech, Russian, French, Australian, New Zealand, Heavy Ocker Australian, Texan, Californian, Northwest, Toronto, Brooklyn, Deep Southern, and Trans-Atlantic.”

6. “'Kiss Me, I'm Irish' In Real Life”

Views: 8,126,828.

“We put the "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" kiss to the test, and we got luc... er... got lots of kisses.”

We’re pretty sure this could be seen as some kind of harassment but God loves a trier!

7. “Travel - Airlie Beach, Irish Backpacker, Australia”

Views: 7,046,831.

Surprise, surprise an Irish backpacker working in an Irish bar!

“Airlie Beach, gateway to the Whitsunday Islands, has a reputation for being a great place to party, in between sailing trips to the islands. Another must stop location on the backpacker migration up north.”

8. “Cup song in Irish or Gaelic or Gaeilge”

Views: 7,005,073

This TG Lurgan song was a massive hit and one of the first of many.

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9. “The Pogues With The Dubliners”

Views: 6,977,103.

“the pogues perform the irish rover with the dubliners RIP RONNIE DREW [sic}.”

That really says it all.

10. “Irish Dance Group - Irish Step Dancing (Riverdance) 2009”

Views: 6,947,460.

Incredible dance moves that give you goosebumps.