The critically acclaimed feature documentary “The Irish Pub” has gone on general release in the United States and Canada, from Oct 24.

The documentary, which was directed, produced, filmed and edited by Alex Fegan will begin a minimum week-long run in six cinemas in five cities (Landmark Theatres in Boston and Washington DC, Rainbow Cinemas in Toronto, Calgary and Saskatoon) before being rolled out across North America over the following weeks.

“The Irish Pub” is a humorous and poignant celebration of third generation pubs around Ireland and the publicans that own them, exploring how the pub acts as a key pillar in tight knit Irish communities.

Director Alex Fegan commented: "It's a huge achievement for everyone involved to take this tiny documentary to cinemas in North America. It's also a great testament to the pub owners the length and breadth of Ireland who featured in the film and who never ceased to entertain with their wit and wisdom."

Distributors Denis Dwyer and Garry Walsh from Snackbox Films said that they have received a lot of interest Stateside in the lead up to the film’s US and Canadian release.

Garry Walsh, a former GM of the Movies@ cinema chain who now heads up Snackbox’s distribution division commented "Already there is huge interest in the film in North America with groups of Irish diaspora and Americans alike flocking to book tickets. It's a great social film that people enjoy watching together and discussing afterwards in, of all places, their local Irish pub."

“The Irish Pub” received completion funding from the Irish Film Board and will premiere on the 23rd of October 2014 in The Kendall Square Theatre, Boston for a special screening hosted by the Boston Globe Newspaper as part of their "GlobeDocs Series".

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“The Irish Pub” was released last year in cinemas in Ireland through Element Pictures Distribution and is now available in Ireland and UK on iTunes and DVD. A deal for a further release has been signed with Australian distribution company Antidote films which will see the film released in Australia and New Zealand later on this year.