Irish dance diet day one
Photo: Christy Dorri
Week One

Weigh in: 153 pounds

I'm starting something new today.

The Irish dance diet.

Yes, you heard me right.  I'm going to use Irish dance to lose my extra weight and get back into shape.

After having five babies, I've gone back to my Irish dance class. It's a bit harder to get off the floor now than it used to be and I have goals I want to accomplish in dance!

Then, last summer I slipped a disc in my back which put me out of commission for a few months.  I gained a good ten pounds from the lack of exercise. When I went back to class again I ended up with severe sciatic nerve pain that put me right down on bed rest.

It's a vicious cycle that begins with weight gain, spirals to a lack of exercise and keeps going.

So I've decided that if I'm going to accomplish not only my dance goals, but other goals in my life, I need to go for it.

Here's the plan:

Irish dance class weekly, and dance practice at home at least three more times a week, coupled with a healthy diet that will help me get to my goals.

What are my goals?

Short term: Lose 10 pounds by January 1st
Long term: Lose a total of 25 pounds
Condition myself and improve my stamina and technique in Irish dance
Reward: a solo dress for competition

Why am I doing this?

I either need to bite the bullet, lose the weight and become a real Irish dancer, or resign myself to dancing at less than my capabilities.

How will this help you?
Each month I will update you on my progress with the Irish dance diet, and motivate you to be healthy as well. Check back to see my progress.

Wish me luck!

Are weight or health problems holding you back from what you want to accomplish? Does dance motivate you to get into shape? I want to know!