"The Hangover Part II" broke a box-office record, grossing $86 million for the biggest opening weekend ever for a live-action comedy.
There was a good chance of this happening based on the popularity of the first hangover movie and with the Memorial Day holiday and a Thursday debut. "The Hangover" opened with $45 million in 2009. "Part II" stands just behind 'The Matrix Reloaded' on the list of R-rated openings, reports MTV.
Two years ago, 'The Hangover' writer/director Todd Phillips told MTV News: "I love 'The Hangover' so much and I think we could crush it with the sequel." In terms of ticket sales, at least, he was right, reports MTV.
The Thailand based fiasco has already made $117 million, however it seems the popular sequel could prove a flop with critics.
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Speaking to Heat magainze, in Britain, Bradley Cooper maintained that they did not go into the movie with the idea of consciously topping its predecessor. 
He said "It's not about topping it, cos then you're f**ked. I don't think it's about trying to top it, I think it's about trying to figure out a great, compelling story that has a lot of potential for comedy.
"And you have to raise the stakes. That's what it was for the first one: there's a clock, we have to do something by a certain time, and there's danger. If we can do that, we're set."
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