Don Cheadle, who co-stars with Brendan Gleeson in the new comedy "The Guard," spoke to the Daily News about the film and his new love of Ireland, where the movie was filmed.

In the film, Cheadle plays an FBI agent sent to a small town in Ireland to investigate drug smuggling.

The actor admitted that he'd never been to Ireland before, but said he'd like to go back.

"I golfed every moment I wasn't on set and it was the wettest season in recorded history. I also became a Guinness fan. I knew enough that I had to drink Guinness while I was over there. So I tried it and, it was incredible. Guinness and golf everyday - yeah, Ireland was nice."

When asked about Brendan Gleeson's character ---who walks a fine line between instigator and racist, he said: "I think he's not someone who believes what he was saying. Were he to believe everything, it wouldn't be funny ... at all. You have to look at the entire picture of who he is.

He actually says, ‘I'm just messing with you.' He just wants to get a rise out of my character and he knows he can get it with that attitude.

He's also so bored out of his gourd he just wants something to pay attention to."

'The Guard' is playing in theatres now and has received rave reviews.