PHOTOS  - Gaelic Girls - Alisa, Hannah, Mollie, and Tess, from University College Cork slideshow

 IrishCentral is proud to launch a series of features from the Gaelic Girls; a group of four young American women taking on Ireland.

Starting on Wednesday, October 5th 2011, Mollie Kervick, Tessa Chillemi, Hannah Stone, and Alisa Pierini will dish the dirt on their nightlife, dating experiences, and the cultural side of Ireland.

The Gaelic Girls blogs will give a secret insight into what it’s like to be a young American in Ireland. These four American girls have just arrived in Ireland to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey where they will work, study, and play for the coming months.


Read the Gaelic Girls blogs here!


Gaelic Girls creator Sandy Sheerin said, “The excitement and anticipation can hardly be contained within each of them as they imagine that their experiences of Ireland will closely resemble a remake of one of those beloved classic Irish novels, such as, “Circle of Friends”.”

Sheerin describes the girls blogs as “quirky”; “these are the experiences of four American girls, as they venture around the cities of Ireland, immersing themselves in the nightlife, music, dating and fashion scenes, and much more.”

“Candid and refreshingly honest, the ‘Gaelic Girls’ will give readers a first-hand account of what these American girls really think of their newly made home in Ireland while providing some funny, insightful, and sometimes controversial stories.”

The girls will provide IrishCentral with an insightful look at the modern way of life in the Ireland their ancestors left behind.

Most importantly, they’ll give Irish Central the dirt on Irish men. Sheerin asks, “Will they find Irish men to be charming, irresistible poets who melt their hearts with their good looks and witty banter, or will they find that the dreamy Irish ‘hunk’ is all just a bunch of Irish mythology and folklore?”

The Gaelic Girls first blog will be featured on IrishCentral on Wednesday, October 5th.

Read the Gaelic Girls blogs here!

PHOTOS  - Gaelic Girls - Alisa, Hannah, Mollie and Tess from University College Cork slideshow

Alisa Pierini one of the Gaelic Girls taking on Ireland and sharing her stories with the IrishCentral readersGaelic Girls