Read More: Mark Wahlberg says Irish Micky Ward his hero and 'The Fighter' movie his proudest achievement - VIDEO

Within the past years Mark Wahlberg has gone from hooligan rap-star to verified Hollywood heavyweight, and his latest projects are a testament to his transformation.

The Huffington Post is reporting that the Boston-born-and-raised Irish-American actor has signed on to produce two upcoming films. The projects, reportedly titled “When Corruption Was King” and “Billy Jack,” deal with themes that Wahlberg has come to know quite well, as he was propelled to Hollywood A-List status with his portrayal as Sean Dignam in the critically acclaimed crime drama “The Departed.”

The Post adds that the films might not be a priority for Walhberg at present as he has multiple projects lined up including a sequel to “The Fighter,” the 2010 film that earned Walhberg his second Oscar Nomination.  

Though Wahlberg is critically recognized for his acting, directing, and producing, he has also publicly professed his love of fatherhood as he and his wife Rhea Durham have four children. Despite being outspoken on a variety of issues, there is no word yet on if he will be returning to his hip hop roots anytime soon.

Mark Wahlberg