Start moving with Jessie Ware
Heading to Virginia this weekend for the Rhythm of Ireland Feis or California for the East Bay Feis? How about Arizona for the Phoenix Feis? Connecticut for the Western Connecticut State Feis? Or maybe you’re off to New York for the Young School Feis, McDonald School Fall Feis or Verlin School of Irish Dancing Feis.

No matter your competitive destination this weekend, we want to share four tunes you should add to your own playlist before lacing up and taking to the stage. Best of luck to all competitors and be sure to come back and share your results with us!  

“If You’re Never Gonna Move” – Jessie Ware
Blast this to get your feet moving.

“Breeze” – Art Decade
Winning will feel like a breeze after listening to this.

“Hey Dreamer” – The Trophy Fire
Stretch before the stage and focus on your big dreams.

“Walk” – Foo Fighters
Walk away on a positive note, no matter the day’s results.