Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller has brought William Monahan on board to write the screen play for “Sin City 2”. Monahan won an Oscar for his 2006 adaptation of Boston movie based on ‘Whitey’ Bulger, “The Departed”.

According to the Hollywood Reporter Monahan has already submitted a draft of the screenplay to Miller.

Speaking at Comic Con this July Rodiguez said that the financing for the sequel had been around and shooting would begin as soon as the script was completed. He said this would possibly be the end of the year.



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The 2005 “Sin City” directed by Miller took in $100 million.

As yet it is not clear which actors will return for the sequel. At Comic Con Rodiguez said the characters who survived the first movie would return. Fansite have speculated that this mean Mickey Rourke and Jessica Alba will return.

Monahan is currently in high demand. He is working on scripts for Tom Cruise’s sci-fi project “Oblivion” as well as other projects. He also plans to reunited with “Departed” director Martin Scorsese for a remake of the 1874 “The Gambler”.

Here’s clips of Monahan’s “Departure” and the first “Sin City”: