Are there days when Bono of U2 rues he ever heard of Spider Man? He's be forgiven if it was true.

This week 'Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark' announced it was delaying its opening for the fifth time, scheduling a new opening night on March 15, the $65-million (and growing) musical’s producers announced late Thursday.

At this rate, some wags are claiming, it should be ready for opening night around the time Halley's Comet makes its next appearance (on the 28 July 2061).

But the producers are undaunted, at least in public. In a statement this week they said the opening had been delayed again "to allow for more time to fine-tune aspects of the show, including the new ending."

Now twice as expensive as any other show ever mounted on Broadway, 'Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark' began previews on November 28 - setting another record for the longest preview to opening.

But Bono can take some comfort. Even as it halts toward its eventual opening night, the show has been selling out regularly.