The Cranberries are reissuing their debut album, “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?”

Irish rock band The Cranberries originally planned to reissue their iconic album last year, but put the project on hold after the tragic death of front-woman Dolores O’Riordan in January.

Noel Hogan, Mike Hogan, and Fergal Lawler, the remaining members of one of the most popular music groups in the world during the 1990s, announced in March that the project would go ahead.

The album has already been lauded as one of the most "definitive Indie records of all time".

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Their debut album, “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?” will be re-issued in October as a four-disc set, a two-disc deluxe package, and on 180-gram black vinyl. It will also be released digitally.

Out Oct 19th -

— The Cranberries (@The_Cranberries) August 30, 2018

An ideal gift for collectors and fans of the band, the standard reissue will include a remastered version of the album, session outtakes, B-sides, early demos, a live set captured in 1991, radio interviews, and more.   

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The iconic record featured two of The Cranberries most famous hits, “Dreams” and “Lingers” which featured in countless TV shows, movies, and ad campaigns during the 90s and 00s.

The album is available for preorder on the band's official site, here.

The band’s latest album, “Something Else” which dropped in 2017, also featured new renditions of their most popular tracks alongside some new material.

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, here is the reissue track list:

Disc One – original album, remastered

  1. “I Still Do”
  2. “Dreams”
  3. “Sunday”
  4. “Pretty”
  5. “Waltzing Back”
  6. “Not Sorry”
  7. “Linger”
  8. “Wanted”
  9. “Still Can’t…”
  10. “I Will Always”
  11. “How”
  12. “Put Me Down”

Disc Two – Album outtakes, b-sides, Uncertain EP, early demos

  1. “Íosa”
  2. “What You Were” (Demo)
  3. “Linger” (Dave Bascombe mix)
  4. “How” (Alternate version)

Single B-sides

  1. “Liar”
  2. “What You Were”
  3. “Reason”
  4. “How” (Radical mix)
  5. “Them”
  6. “Pretty” (Prêt-à-Porter movie remix)

Uncertain EP

  1. “Uncertain”
  2. “Nothing Left At All”
  3. “Pathetic Senses”
  4. “Them”

Early demos (recorded as The Cranberry Saw Us)

  1. “Dreams” (Unmixed)
  2. “Sunday”
  3. “Linger”
  4. “Chrome Paint”
  5. “Fast One”
  6. “Shine Down”
  7. “Dreams” (Pop mix)