The once baby-faced cast of Alan Parker’s smash-hit film “The Commitments” have come together with the plan of putting on shows around the county.
Once an unknown cast of the movie, based on Roddy Doyle’s hilarious book, are now successful in their own rights and ready to mark the movies 20th anniversary and raise some money for charity by touring around Ireland.
At the Liberty Hall Theatre Andrew Strong (who played Deco Cuffe in the movie) along with his backing singer Angeline Ball (Imelda Quirke) and Bronagh Gallagher (Bernie McGloughlin) sung their rousing rendition of “Mustang Sally”.
Along with them were Robert Arkins (who played Jimmy Rabbitte, the band manager). Arkins will now feature as a singer in the band. Also present were Dick Massey (drummer Billy Mooney), Felim Gormley (Dean Fay), Ken McCluskey (Derek Scully) Dave Finnegan (Mickah Wallace), Michael Aherne (Steve Clifford) and 'Outspan' Foster, played by singer and 'Once' Oscar winner Glen Hansard.
The only members of the band missing were Maria Doyle Kennedy (Natalie Murphy) and Johnny Murphy (Joey ‘The Lips’ Fagan). Due to illness Murphy will not be able to take part in the concerts. 
The concerts were take place all over Ireland and a part of the proceeds will go to the Irish Cancer Society.