Famed New York Irish journalist Jimmy Breslin's latest book is the not-so-subtly titled "The Church That Forgot Christ." This is an angry look at the church that Breslin grew up loving, but now - he feels - has utterly lost its way. Given that provocative approach, this book clearly is not for everyone. Still, for all the times Breslin seems to be careening out of control with his anger, he just as often makes undeniably important arguments. It was the rash of church sex scandals in the U.S. (similar ones emerged in Ireland) that prompted Breslin to lose hope in the institutional church, if not many of the central tenets of the faith. But "The Church That Forgot Christ" is not a mere screed. Breslin talks to many victims of sexual abuse, and the portraits he paints of people abused sexually as well as legally are compelling. Breslin also traveled across the U.S. and to Rome to question bishops and clergy members. The results are not exactly objective, but they do add up to a troubling indictment of the church hierarchy.

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